ACO Port Hope Historic Barn Quilt TourBarn #23
Glynn | Drover, 44 Pine St. viewed from Bruton S

The original 1846 coachman’s house was built over the stables, but in the 1920s a fire destroyed all but the foundation. It was replaced by a low profile metal storage top and in the 50s and 60s the foundation was leased out for the restoration and storage of antique cars. In the 1980s an antique dealer built the current board and batten “barn” as his warehouse. Windows were installed in 2014 so the space could be used for home offices—a fine example of adaptive reuse. The quilt pattern reflects the pride of Canadian heritage in the maple leaf and the saw blade pattern depicts the harvesting of the 120 pine trees originally on the property—giving the name Pinehurst to the home.

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